Professional Engineering Consultancy

Mirade provides professional engineering consultancy to the oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on projects involving gas compression systems. Mirade is an independent company serving oil and gas operators, asset owners, contractors and investors.


Expertise provided by Mirade assists clients by analysing compression system machinery and associated plant as well as overall production systems to:

  • Develop compression design specifications.
  • Quantify production capability.
  • Determine reasons for underperformance and develop improvement action plans.

Mirade has a particular focus on centrifugal compressors.

Maximise Production & Operability

Our consultancy services are applicable to all stages in the life of oil and gas assets (including gas storage facilities) – from concept design studies for new and young ones through improvements to established assets to extending the life of ageing assets.

Since compression systems are an integral part of oil and gas facilities, by optimising and enhancing their design and performance Mirade help to maximise production rates and improve operability.

Integrated Approach

Mirade do not view a compression system in isolation, but always within the context of the wider production facility – if necessary from the reservoir to delivery. This holistic and integrated approach means that cognizance of interactions between the operating characteristics of various elements in the production chain are always included in solutions developed.

Optimal Solutions

Mirade has a rare mix of talent and expertise that can cope with, for example, detailed machinery design in one project instance while quantifying the optimum number of new gas wells in another.

Mirade’s core expertise in the design and analysis of centrifugal compression plant coupled with its proficiency in the analysis of overall production systems means that it can greatly enhance the quality of designs offered and deliver truly optimal solutions for oil and gas assets.

Multi-Discipline Team

In instances where a project remit demands more in-depth analyses of production systems upstream and downstream of the compression plant, Mirade can provide a multi-discipline project team which includes specialists in disciplines other than machinery – such as Process Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and Flow Assurance. This is aided by Mirade’s collaborations with other specialist consultancies.

Furthermore, Mirade has the requisite experience of project managing such teams – strengthening the multi-discipline approach required by more demanding and complex projects.

Your Project Success

Mirade apply a consultant-client collaborative approach to all stages of a project, carefully listening to and engaging with the client from the initial phone call through to the review of the final report. Mirade understand that sometimes the client’s needs can change – even part way through a project.

Mirade’s professionalism and flexibility together with its friendly and approachable consultants help to steer the project to success, whatever the challenges.

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