Optimising design & performance

Compression systems are an integral part of oil and gas facilities worldwide and are a key factor in their productivity. By optimising the designs of new compression facilities and enhancing the performance of existing ones, Mirade assist asset owners and operators in maximising productivity.

Across Life of Assets

There are opportunities to optimise designs and performances of all compression systems, whether they have yet to be made or have already run for decades. The services offered by Mirade can therefore be applied during all stages in the life of an upstream oil and gas asset, including:

  • New and young assets.
  • Established assets.
  • Ageing assets.

Additionally, the holistic approach applied to the analysis of overall oil and gas facilities in which compression plays a vital role, makes Mirade’s services particularly well suited to gas storage assets.

A Systems Approach

Mirade believe that compression system designs and operating strategies can be greatly enhanced by the compression system being analysed in the context of the wider production system in which it operates. Therefore, many of the machinery design and analysis services offered by Mirade sit alongside simulation and analysis of, for example, process systems and pipeline networks as well as reservoir and well modelling. When necessary, this multi-discipline approach is facilitated by collaborative working with other specialist consultancies.

Flexibility & Professionalism

Mirade are able to develop, execute and deliver compression system projects varying in breadth from basic performance checks for one centrifugal compressor section up to complex concept design studies for field gas compression based upon integrated models. Mirade have experience of executing and managing projects requiring multi-discipline working teams.

In all instances, Mirade fully engage with the client at all stages in the project, applying their flexible and professional approach.

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