Mirade offer the following consultancy services:

New Facilities – Concept & Design

  • Feasibility and concept design studies for new compression facilities.
  • Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) – also known as Integrated Production Modelling (IPM).
  • New compression system design and specification – including the compression stages and their driver.
  • Compression system technical audits.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) witness.

System Capacity & Forecasting

  • System capacity reviews – varying in project remit from just the compression system through to the entire production facility. Including:
    • Debottlenecking – identifying existing limits and opportunities for capacity enhancement.
    • Identifying future bottlenecks and constraints – developing action plans for immediate, medium-term and long-term improvements.
  • Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) / Integrated Production Modelling (IPM).
  • Forecasting future rates and generating production profiles – for both gas depletion and gas storage assets. Such data is invaluable for asset managers, operations teams and gas traders.

Availability & Troubleshooting

  • Compression system testing and performance analysis – achieved using either historian data or on-site performance testing.
  • Availability improvement and troubleshooting. Examples of operating problems that can be rectified are:
    • Recurrent failures.
    • Start-up problems – including compression systems on gas-lift duty.
    • Operating instabilities.
    • Production rate shortfalls from design intent.

Revamps – Options Review & Design

  • Feasibility and concept design studies for revamps of existing installations.
  • Re-design of existing compression facilities to meet revised operating conditions; including:
    • Rewheels (re-stages).
    • Revamps.
    • Reconfigurations.
  • Compression system technical audits.

Life of Field (LOF)

  • Life of Field (LOF) analysis – future production rates, future operating constraints and change / CAPEX timetables.
  • Integration of third-party or satellite field production streams into existing compression facilities.
  • Overcoming challenges associated with operation late in field life when compression systems have to work far from their original design intent.

Applications of Services

Whether your asset has yet to be built or is an ageing facility, Mirade can add real value to your business. Examples of compression applications for which Mirade can provide expertise are:

  • Field gas compression.
  • Gas export.
  • Gas lift.
  • Gas injection.
  • Associated gas / offgas compression.
  • Hydrocarbon process gas compression.
  • Gas storage (for storage in depleted gas reservoirs as well as caverns).

Mirade are happy to develop project specifications for all levels of client definition – whether the client has a fully developed work scope or whether the client has not yet defined their preferred approach and know only the principal deliverables they require. In all instances, Mirade will engage proactively with the client to ensure that the work scope completed by Mirade meets all expectations.

Even if you are only in the formative stages of thinking through how your compression challenge might be solved, contact Mirade to arrange a discussion – contact us.

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