Project Definition and Management

In instances where the client wishes to conduct a project in-house using their internal teams, Mirade can assist them with both project definition and project management – where appropriate integrating with the client’s internal project team in an owner engineer role.

Project Definition

The complexities of compression projects mean that the project definition process can be as important as the project management stage. An inadequately defined project work scope could lead to later oversights, cost and time deviations and could even ultimately result in poorly specified compression systems. By bringing their compression project experience and expertise to the definition process, Mirade can help prevent oversights being made.

Mirade are able to ‘start from a blank sheet of paper’ and build a project plan and scope of work; even from client definitions that are in the very early stages and at a high level only. The client need only define ‘the end goal’ and Mirade will map and chart the route required to reach it successfully.

Project Management

Mirade bring a motivating approach to project management that respects the science of the engineering process while applying methods that break down large and complex activities into tasks of manageable size. Project management is further enhanced by Mirade’s pragmatic approach to decision making – even in the face of broad project remits which can appear to some to be daunting in complexity.

Mirade have experience of managing multi-discipline project teams – including reservoir, flow assurance, process and control engineers. Mirade are therefore well placed to manage projects involving IAM / IPM (Integrated Asset / Production Modelling). During the execution of IAM / IPM projects, Mirade provide the invaluable ability to be able to switch between fine detail in one instance and the broad project view in another – ensuring that project direction and progress does not ‘get bogged down’ in excessive detail when it is not necessary.

By including Mirade’s project management expertise in their endeavour, clients can ensure that the project will be steered to success.

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