An Integral Part of Your Asset

Compression systems are used in nearly all oil and gas assets worldwide.

Even in gas and gas-condensate fields where initial reservoir pressures are sufficiently high to allow free-flow production, at some point in time once reserves are depleted compression will be required to boost the pressure to allow entry to downstream plant or export systems.

In many oil fields, EOR is facilitated by gas compression systems – for example, gas lift or gas injection.

Compression systems are therefore an integral part of upstream oil and gas production and should be given particular attention if productivity is to be maximised through the life of the asset.

Elegant Designs Avoid Future Problems

Without experience, one might view a compressor as simply a device to apply a pressure ratio – indeed this is its primary purpose. However, such a simplistic approach can lead to significant oversights in its design and operating strategy. These can impose operating constraints that can limit production rates or worse make the compression plant very difficult to operate.

With Mirade’s experience and expertise, many of these problems can be avoided by applying specialist knowledge, specific expertise and due diligence to the design, operation and ongoing management of compression installations.

Matching Varying Production Conditions

A key element of Mirade’s in-depth experience is the knowledge that any given compressor design can only operate within a defined range of conditions – for example; molecular weight, mass flow, pressure and temperature. However, these conditions change with time for any number of reasons, such as depletion of reserves or integration of new production streams. With its expertise in the development of compression system designs within the context of overall production systems, Mirade provides elegant solutions to this challenge.

Since the need to match the compression design to varying production conditions is present throughout the life of oil and gas facilities. Mirade’s expertise can enhance assets of all types.

Applications of Our Services to Your Asset

Mirade’s expertise in the design and operation of compression systems can add real value to:

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