Driven by a client-engaged approach

Mirade is driven by a client-engaged approach to project definition, execution and delivery. This honours the fact that while Mirade has the capability to deliver success in challenging technical project areas, ultimately it is the client who is the person most familiar with existing plant or most aware of the commercial and technical drivers for new facilities. Therefore, to maximise project success Mirade ensures that the client is engaged throughout the project lifecycle – from project definition, through to delivery.

This client-engaged approach is present throughout the following key definitions of the way Mirade works:


Develop & Define





By carefully listening from the outset of contact with the client, Mirade ensures that project definition and the deliverables reflect the client’s immediate and longer-term goals.

Mirade’s project experience comes to bear even before works starts, when either reviewing the client-defined work scope or developing and defining one on their behalf. Mirade ensures that the project team, work method, simulations applied and review gates adopted are adequate and appropriate to the degree of project complexity.

While the adage “the devil is in the detail” is appropriate to complex oil and gas projects, it is also necessary to know what level of detail to apply to each technical area and to appreciate that this can change from project to project. Mirade’s engineers are able to switch their focus from deep detail in one moment to broad project landscape in another. Together with their pragmatic approach to resolving complex technical decision processes, this ensures that technical excellence is complemented by adherence to commercial and schedule drivers.

The validation of solutions is embedded in the way which Mirade executes project work. Normally this is achieved through simulations to demonstrate the robustness of the solution across a range of conditions.

Clear and accurate specifications, supporting documents, reports and presentations are all part of Mirade’s project delivery. Mirade complements these by engaging in an enthusiastic way with not only direct project reports in the client’s organisation, but also complementary and supporting teams who may also need to ‘buy-into’ the proposed solution. By clearly communicating the solution to other members of the client’s company, whether they are control room staff or company executives, Mirade assists the client’s project managers in achieving smooth progression and implementation of their project.

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