The Name

The name ‘MIRADE’ is formed from the first three letters of two Spanish words:

The verb ‘mirar’ which means ‘to look’………MIR
The adverb ‘adelante’ which means ‘forward’…….ADE
The name ‘MIRADE’ therefore signifies ‘to look forward’ or ‘looking forward’ since ‘looking’ is ‘mirando’ in Spanish.
It is pronounced ‘miraday’ (in Spanish, all vowels in a word are pronounced).

The ability to look forward in the oil and gas industry is invaluable:

  • Project execution and equipment purchases have long lead-times and need to be planned well in advance.
  • Looking ahead highlights future changes in operating conditions that need to be planned for.

At Mirade, the ability to look forward is facilitated by:

  • Specialist knowledge.
  • Experience of many projects.
  • Simulations using specialist software.

The Logo

favicon1147The eagle-eyed amongst you will have already spotted the inclusion of a representation of a centrifugal impeller in the Mirade logo (inside the letter ‘a’). The logo acknowledges the specialist knowledge Mirade have in the design and analysis of centrifugal compression systems, as well as the execution of oil and gas system projects in which compressors play an important role.

The inspiration was an impeller with a 3D blade profile where the inner part of each blade is angled towards the viewer’s perspective. Additionally, since the impeller symbol inside the letter ‘a’ also looks like an iris, the logo is tied to the “looking forward” phrase from which the name Mirade is derived – see above. The expertise and specialist simulations performed by Mirade allow oil and gas asset owners and operators to look forward to future operating conditions – vital in the planning and execution of long lead-time development projects.

A note to the purists: To give the logo a more dynamic feel and sense of rotation, even though the amount of blade backward lean is typical of that applied to process compressors in upstream oil and gas applications, an increased amount of curve has been applied to the blade profile and the radial leading edge of the inducer section has been omitted. Furthermore the shroud is removed so the blades are visible and the number of blades is a lot less than in a real impeller to keep the image looking fresh and dynamic. It is an artistic interpretation of an impeller with respect paid to the science of process centrifugal compressors, while creating a symbol to inspire thought.

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